Send Our Students to PS Concerts

The PSCCA has a new program called: "Send Our Students to PS Concerts.” The goal of this program is to enable more students to attend the PSCCA evening concerts. Although students get in free when accompanied by a ticket-holder many students’ parents cannot afford a season subscription or a single concert ticket for themselves. This program helps alleviate this problem by offering single concert tickets to parents of Palm Springs Unified School District students on a first-come, first served basis. As a result, the parent AND the student can attend the evening concerts at no charge. Tickets will be distributed by music teachers, band, orchestra and chorus directors and other arts personnel in the PSUSD.

Administration of the pool will be by the PSUSD Arts Department.

The pool of tickets to be distributed to parents of interested students is funded directly by PSCCA’s donation of tickets and PSCCA subscribers who have donated tickets to the pool.

To donate tickets to the Send Our Students Program, please call our hotline at 760-770-0774 or click here to email us.