Student Outreach Program

Each year, in addition to offering four public evening concerts, PS Concerts in association with the Arts Department of the PSUSD with significant funding by the Irene W. & Guy L. Anderson Children's Foundation, the Grace Helen Spearman Charitable Foundation,and the Palm Springs Rotary Club Foundation brings students to daytime concerts at the Richards Center for the Arts.  Students are bussed from their schools to the Richards Center where they hear and see musicians perform.  The youth concerts are highly interactive, allowing students to ask questions of the performers.  At the end of the concert many students come to the front of the auditorium to interact with the artists in a very personal and educational manner. 

And if there could be any doubt about the value of PS Concerts outreach efforts, please consider the remarks of Noel Gamel, Adult Transition Teacher, of Cathedral City High School, who wrote –

“I am writing this letter to express my gratitude to Presidio Brass, PS Concerts, and Louisa Castrodale for the fabulous musical performance at the Rancho Mirage High School this morning.

Students from grade 2 through 12 attended the concert. In addition, 7 students from my Adult Transition Program enjoyed the program.

For the past seven years I have had the pleasure of bringing my young adult students (ages 18-22) to many programs offered by Art Share, an art program funded by the Palm Springs Unified School District. The Presidio Brass concert was, hands down, the best performance offered by Art Share that I have ever been to!

The five musicians were extremely talented, and their performance was stellar. I often scanned the auditorium to see the response of my students and the entire audience. Everyone was entranced and engaged in a multisensory explosion of joy.

The musicians were funny and hip, and the music was beautiful, toe tapping and diverse. In addition, the physical movements of the artists captivated the eye and drew everyone into this amazing experience. It was interesting to learn of the background of each of the performers, how they each got started on their musical path, how the band was formed, and where the band has performed. I’m certain that many students were inspired by the true-life stories shared by the men of Presidio Brass.”

PS CONCERTS is now part of

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