James Perry, Recording Secretary

Born (1947) and raised in Missouri and Ohio Jim is a corn-fed Midwest transplant to the desert.  Jim graduated from Case Institute of Technology in Cleveland, Ohio with Bachelor of Science in Engineering.  During the four years at Case Tech he headed up the Symphony Forum which brought in guest speakers and musicians from the Cleveland Orchestra and the Cleveland Institute of Music to speak to the engineering and science students at Case.  Jim’s family had season tickets to the Cleveland Orchestra and attended concerts over the years.  This love of classical music has continued throughout Jim’s life.  Moving to San Francisco in the early 80’s Jim subscribed to the full 39-week San Francisco Symphony concert series for nearly 20 years.  In 1995 Jim became a volunteer with the Volunteer Council of the symphony.  In the early 2000’s Jim was elected vice-chairman of the board of the Volunteer Council responsible for developing and planning new projects.  Jim is now retired in the desert and enjoying it immensely.  He joined the PSCCA Board of Directors in April 2011.  Jim is Recording Secretary and Administrator for the Association.